Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it matter where I buy a puppy from?
When considering buying a dog, whether from a kennel, a pet store or personal breeder, PLEASE, PLEASE ask for a health certificate that shows that the breeding parents have had the health tests recommended by Havanese Club of America and OFA. These would include the Patellas, Baer, Cerf, Heart, Hips and Elbows done and these tests are registered with OFA. These tests can save you, not only vet bills, but a happy healthy puppy. Also, if you can, go visit the home you are buying the pup from. The seller should not be ashamed of the environment his dogs are raised in. We have all heard of the horrible puppy mills and the horrible conditions they are raised in. Many of these puppies end up in pet stores, so do your homework.

Q: Why are Havanese so expensive?
To raise a puppy to the 8-12 week age is quite expensive, as all the testing that is done on the breeding dogs is quite expensive, but it is well worth it in the end when a buyer has a healthy puppy. Of course the way genetics work, sometimes those pesky faults can show up, so because of that, we carry a 2 year contract on each puppy who could end up with a life threatening genetic fault, with either another puppy or purchase price refunded. Our hope is that you find a puppy that fits into your family and that you can enjoy for years to come.

Q: I noticed that there are other registry companies. Are they the same as AKC? No. Just because a breeder claims to have registered puppies, does not mean they are registered with AKC (American Kennel Club.) This is the most recognized dog club and that the pedigree of the pups, was compiled from the official Stud Book Records. If a breeder claims the puppy is registered, make sure and ask with whom.

Q: Do you give references?
Yes. I will give you my vets number, as he is the one who takes care of my dogs and pups. If you want personal references, I can do that also.

Q: What is your refund policy?
If the pup is returned within one week, there will be a full refund, not including any expenses incurred, no questions asked. If returned between 1-2 weeks, 50% of the cost of the dog will be refunded, not including any expenses incurred.

Q: Do you allow us to breed our dog?
No, unless sold with full registration and approval of breeder Barbara Foster, to dog or bitch chosen.

Q: Is a Raw Food Diet Good for Dogs?
We have done much research on this subject and there is much controversy surrounding that question. Store-bought pet food, whether kibble or wet, is a multi-billion dollar business and for good reason; it's convenient. Even most veterinarians approve it, considering this is taught in most veterinary colleges. But, are the ingredients in pet food what the dogs ancestors (wolves) ate? Dogs were designed to rip and tear, that is why they have the big canine teeth. Eating meat, along with some fruits and vegetables, enabled wolves to remain healthy. Because of this we changed our dogs to a raw food diet, with great results. For more information on this subject, go to Dr. Becker is a holistic veterinarian and can help you through all your questions or concerns you might have. "Real Food for Cats and Dogs" by Dr. Karen Becker

Q: Do you offer a guarantee for health of pup?
See contract.

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